Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Break 2

The second day we went to Magic Kingdom. We headed straight for the new Fantasy Land. It's not done yet, and the only new ride we did was The Little Mermaid Under the Sea ride.

You can see the wrist leash in this picture. That became necessary. Kaleb knew he would not come on this trip without one. I don't know if it was to show him she didn't have one or she just wanted to test things, but as soon as we got in the parks yesterday, Kayla started jumping up and down and darting all over. After three warnings, she got a leash too. That sent her into a major pout. You wouldn't know it by these pictures. But she knows how to turn it off for pictures. 

We had tears and pouting and shaking our hand dramatically to the point I told her if she was just so miserable I would take her back to the hotel. For a while she'd just have fun. Then she'd think about it and have to let us all know how indignant she was. I told her that yes she is too old for a leash. But she's also too old to go running off in park that has over 50,000 people in it. I was going to let her try to go without it but I'd set it down during a show and as soon as the show ended she went running out into the crowd. 

Other than a few things like that, things went pretty well. But anytime you get very many different personalities together there are sure to be some difference in opinions and desires. 

(If you are wondering why I am sharing this, you probably aren't an adoptive parent. And if you are considering adoption you need to know that all kids come with some baggage because they have all suffered loss no matter what age they are. And if they are older, they will have learned some behaviors that take a very long time to end. Even birth children have behaviors that require consistency and patience. If you read a family blog that shows everything happy, happy then their intent is not to be real, but to show you only the up side. And that's okay too. I don't share everything on here because each child has the right to his/her privacy so the really personal stuff stays private.)

Under the Sea

The sign said to take a peek.

So they did. I guess the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is still being built.

When Jessica and Jasmine were here in June we took this picture in the rain with umbrellas and ponchos.
It's a Small World. No trip would be complete without it.

Of course our pirates had to go on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Everything was decorated with pumpkins. Very colorful.

We went back over to Hollywood Studios and got our picture taken with Wreck it Ralph. Hmmm. I don't think we show very well!

After this Jessica had an interesting adventure that I'll post about next time otherwise this will be too long. 

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