Saturday, February 16, 2013

College, Valentine's Day and a 5K

If you didn't post a question on the last post and you have a question, please go back and ask. I told the kids they might get to answer questions so the ones with no questions are a bit disappointed. We will answer all questions next week even if only to say it's a question we can't answer publicly.
Jessica took the camera to college last week for crime scene photos. It looks like she had a little too much fun waiting for class to start.

That looks fun!

Before school on Valentine's Day

Ready to go out to eat. We don't normally go out to eat due to costs, and especially not on  a holiday, but I decided to  take everyone out in place of buying candy and such this year. Adam and Rick met us there separately.

Adam came from track practice.

Valentine's Day is also Jessica's half birthday. She's 21 1/2!  I know they are a little old  for half birthdays now, but you tell them that. I'm not going to be the one to tell them : )

People were coming and going all weekend, so those of us with no life played games.

I caught it mid-fall. It looks kind of fake, but believe me, every piece scattered.

It was cold at the 5K this morning.

Only these three ran today. The races are anywhere from $15-25 each person so that can add up in a hurry , especially if all 6 run. Can't really spend $150 for a race!

Stretching out.

The start line.

Tyler came in at 27:53 and was first in his age group. Some were behind him and some of the faster runners chose to run the 10K or 15K. There were three races going at once.

The twins played on the playground while waiting.

Tyler went back  to run Jessica in. They made it a race, but of course he didn't cross the finish line this time. Her time was 33:23 and she was 3rd in her age group.

Jasmine came in at 37:05 and was 2nd in her age group.

Kaleb had a basketball game today.

Right now Rick, Jessica and Adam are at work. Tyler is outside chasing Jasmine and the twins around the yard. I can hear happy screams. 

Jasmine is happy that she does have Monday off of school for President's Day, which is also her 12th birthday. She's getting her picture taken at Sears, eating at the food court and maybe going to a movie. Jessica found out that her college meets even though the community college doesn't. But she has the option in that class to attend in person or do it online. She goes in person normally because they do the homework together in class, and if you do it online, you have to do the homework yourself. But she's scheduled to work 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm Monday (as well as today and tomorrow).

Hope you all have a good weekend. Anyone doing anything special? We are not traveling because we have some cool trips coming up this summer and we are saving all we can. I'll talk more about those later. Someone actually asked about our trips in the last post so I'll be answering that question next week.

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