Friday, February 22, 2013

Answers part 3

Here is the last set of anwers to the questions asked.

Jasmine what do you want to be when you grow up? Anonymous

Has Tyler heard more about his program? What will you do if that doesn't work out? Anonymous

This might be too personal, but I know Tyler has aspergers. I know he had plans to go to job core and the funding got cut for that. What are his job prospects at home? Does his aspergers hold him back from applying for certain jobs? Do you think it is keeping employers from hiring him? If he could be anything what would your dream job be for him? Anon

I put both questions about Tyler together, and since he has a good understanding of his abilities and limitations, I asked him to answer them on video. You'll understand much better the problems with him doing interviews as you listen to him putting together his answers. He has normal intelligence, but not fluency in speech. I was hoping he'd go with his plan for digital design, but he did not pass the college classes needed for that program. But mostly I want him to have a job where he is happy and eventually ready to be on his own. I wish the military didn't block kids with autism and would test them individually. There are many jobs he could do and he'd have the chance to travel which is something he likes to do. His dream destination is Japan.

This video is totally unrehearsed. It's in two parts due to length.

I was going to ask about Jessica's college work because it sounds really interesting and I wonder what she has to do and what she wants to do after college. Middle School Mama

I've always wondered what does Rick do? Anon
I work as a small computer technician, and as a screener at an air terminal when necessary (I just don't make them take off their shoes) :-} Rick

 How often do you guys see his daughter? Anon
 Ashley lives on the IL/IN border, our families live on the IN/MI border and we live in the FL panhandle. She was in cosmetology school the past couple of years and schedules did not work out. Rick went up to help his parents move, but it was a very brief trip and not when she could join him at his parents, which would have needed to happen. 

I wish she was closer to I 65 because we could simply stop by coming and going. The kids and I (Kathy) have stopped several times on our way to see my family in Elkhart, but it's three hours off of I 65 and then back to get up to Elkhart so it adds a lot of time. Last trip we were hoping she could meet us somewhere fun where the twins and her two little ones could play, but it was when she had to do her course hours. 

We hope that we can plan something maybe half way between her house and our families where everyone could have a day out. Otherwise we'll meet in one town or the other depending on her work schedule.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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