Monday, February 11, 2013

Crazy Weekend

Friday night Jasmine had a game. On Saturday morning Kaleb had a game. Then Jasmine had Capture the Flag and Kaleb had team photos plus we got his passport photo taken at Walgreens. (I got Kayla's taken Friday on the way home from counseling) All the team photos (except Jasmine's team) were in the afternoon long after games were over. Rick had to work all day so we had to juggle getting people places and picking them back up including the three who worked.
Jasmine and I decided that I'd just take some photos of her and make a collage rather than pay the $9 for one 5x7 and no team picture since she missed her photo day. That way she didn't have to miss the youth group Capture the Flag event to go to photos with Kaleb. I'll post the collage when I get it. Jasmine saw one I did for Adam and liked it.

Jasmine's coach giving her a high five.

Jasmine was chosen to shoot two shots for a technical foul. She made one and almost made the second. She made one other basket.

The survivors. We lost two along the way, and then one had to leave during the game because of a family emergency.
We found out that the team we played against wasn't an ordinary youth center or boys and girls club team, but a traveling competition team! Makes me feel better about getting beaten by 22 points.

Kaleb dropped the ball. He seemed to have some trouble hanging on to the ball when it was passed to him. 

He did better when the ball was passed in to him to bring down the court.


Jasmine at the middle school capture the flag game.
Here are some pictures from before that I just got scanned in.
Jasmine's band picture

Fall soccer

Fall soccer

Kaleb fall soccer

Fall soccer
 These last few pictures are of my step daughter and her two children.

Adam's collage I made for him.


Katie Tripp said...

I like the collage too! Maybe I'll do that for my son with his karate pictures. They do a huge poster every year, and you can get your picture on that for free, but it's $25 for one 5x7! I think it's outrageous, and I refuse to buy them. I don't mind the team pictures that are around $10, but the karate one seems way too high. I'm glad your kids seem to have fun at their games!

One Crowded House said...

team pictures are such a rip off- and everyone usually looks washed out and horrible in them anyway.

Drums (percussion) are my favorite band instrument to listen to, I'm hoping at least one of my kids will pick them!

Kathy C. said...

I did Adam's collage through Snapfish. An 8x10 including shipping was $4.10! It's actually clearer than it looks but I didn't want to take it back out of its frame to take the photo.

Rose Anne said...

I have used snapfish for many things. we did it last year for the kids birthday parties...and christmas pic..
And it is not just that one sport.