Thursday, November 8, 2012

Over the Years

I've made each of the kids a photo book that briefly covers their whole like up to graduation and I've given it to them right after graduation (along with the traditional money of course!). I've started looking through albums for pictures of Adam and along the way I took out our old family portraits and had Rick scan them in. We did not do them every year, and many years we only did ones of the kids without Rick and I.
1989 North Dakota--Wow were we a lot younger back then! The two of us were the whole family at this time.

1990 North Dakota--how in the world did I get my hair to stay like that?

1992 South Dakota

1994 South Dakota-I had a lot of hair back then! Remember the huge eye glasses in the 80's and 90's?

1998 England-I love the coloring in this one--both the background and our clothes. We often pick blue and rose as our colors. That's why I did the teal (or whatever color that was) and the purple for our newest portrait. 1998's portrait was the first portrait that had Jeff and Adam. Jeff had only been home a short while.

January 2007 Florida, Adam's 12th birthday, we left for Disney right after this. We had a church directory portrait in  GA where I was wearing the same exact shirts, but Rick was missing from it so I'm not including it. I did three portraits of just the kids between the England one and this one but not with Rick and I in them.

March 2011--Really like the colors in this one too and the darker background. Jasmine had the expanders in her neck at this time. It was painful for her to move her neck to look at the camera.

October 2012
October 2012 Not sure if I like this one or the March 2011 one better. What do you think? Same family members in both.


Anonymous said...

They are both great, but October 2012 is an awesome picture of everyone. You all look so happy...a beautiful family.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. I'm amazed at how well they all cooperated both times.