Friday, November 16, 2012

Keeping Warm and Re-homing

Jessica felt bad for her poor puppies, especially Kiara who has little fur and hasn't experienced a winter before.  It seems funny to talk about it being cold at 50F when I grew up on the IN/MI border with lake effect snow, but still, pets get cold. So Jessica bought Kiara a jacket. Unfortunately she tore it badly the first time she wore it.

Caspian looks adorable in his.

Remember the two cats we got from the shelter two months ago? Well, this guy  has a mean streak.  And it got worse.  He would be great as an only kitty or maybe even with another young, aggressive cat. But our other two cats are both older cats and both somewhat shy. Especially Max who has Post Traumatic Almost Killed by a Dog syndrome from many years ago. He's never recovered from a close encounter with a very large lab in our own yard.  Galen targeted Max, and on Tuesday he actually attacked Max with the intent of serious harm. So he had to go back to the shelter. That's the shelter's preference. They want to evaluate the pet and find a home that will work out.

It's kind of sad because Galen (getting a last brushing) is a sweet kitty with his people, just not with other (older, shyer) cats. We miss him, but have to look out for our other pets. We've had Max since he was a newborn in '99.

Jessica saw dog sweaters on clearance and bought three. She thought Scrappy needed a sweater since she was buying them for her two puppies. We've had Scrappy since '01, and he was about 2  when we got him, so he and Max are both 13.

When we got Kiara she was 17 lbs, and they said she wasn't going to get much bigger. They said she was a terrier mix. Well, she now weighs 40 lbs and we've been told she has some pit bull features. What do you think?

He's pug/pekingese. Isn't he a cutie?
Jaydon is starting to relax a little now that Galen is gone. She was very stressed out in the cat house at the shelter and that's why we went and got her. If you read the post about getting her, you already know the whole story about how we ended up with TWO cats when I wasn't looking for ANY new pets.

I got her a scratching post and she was really playing with it and the fuzzy ball on  top, but of  course when I got out  the camera, she stopped.

Max hides out under my bed. He will come out once in a while when I'm back there.  It's going to take him a  while to feel safe, even there. He used to always go out at night, but the last couple of nights, we've tried leaving him in Tyler's room with Jaydon. Jaydon likes high places like the fancy cat tree in there, but Max snuggles up with Tyler.


Sarah said...

In a lot of Kiara's pictures she looks exactly like a cross between my dogs. I have beagles and Stafford shire terriers. Both great dogs. Her color and facial expressions definitely look hound/beaglish to me. I know there are a lot of other hound breads that resemble Beagles, so maybe she is one of them? I don't know.

I do know some vet offices can do some testing to figure it out, if you really wanted to know. I can't imagine it being cheap! She seems like a great dog though.

Anonymous said...

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The New Hope people have the grisly task of making the kill list, but they also try to save as many of those animals as they can.

Kathy C. said...

Jessica is thinking of getting her tested just so we know if she's part pit bull and can train her accordingly.

One Crowded House said...

they are all very cute

Kathy C. said...

Thank you.