Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You know?

Jessica is taking Evidential Reasoning as part of her criminology degree. Each week the homework includes one or more puzzle/mind game/whatever you want to call them. She's given me one of the old ones to see who can solve it. So here it is:

1.       White-Water Rafting
Eight friends went rafting on a nearby river using four 2-person rafts. One was yellow, one was green, one was red, and one was blue. Match the last names (of Cook, Gladstone, Hawley, Hughes, O'Brien, Sands, Smith, and Wilson) with the first names (of Alan, Don, Frank, Henry, Leroy, Paul, Phil and Walt) and the color raft each used based on the statements below.
First Name
Last Name
Raft Color

One of the following statements is false:
1.       Phil and Cook rode the river together without incident, but did not finish first.
2.       The red raft capsized and did not finish, while the green raft finished first.
3.       O'Brien and Leroy were not in the same raft.
4.       Paul and Wilson finished last on their raft.
5.       Henry is a good swimmer and helped his partner Hughes, not Walt, get to shore. They recovered their capsized raft but decided not to finish the run.
6.       Frank and Hawley picked the yellow raft, and finished the run in second.
7.       Alan and Hughes were on the same raft and were the first to finish the run.
8.       Leroy and Smith completed the run and did not come in last.
9.       Don and Gladstone vowed never to set foot in a raft after they capsized.
10.   Alan did not care that his team finished last.

Go ahead and post your guesses in the comment section. Don't read anyone's answers until you make your own guess.


Tavora said...

Ooh! This was a good one! It took me a bit. I won't post the answer because I don't want to ruin it for anyone else.


-Danielle from Canada

Kathy C. said...

Go ahead and post your guesses. We'll tell every one not to peek until they've made their guess.

Lisa said...

I'm a geek...

Clue 7 is the false statement - it contradicts with both clue 5 and clue 10.

Alan Wilson - Blue
Don Hughes - Red
Frank Cook - Yellow
Henry Gladstone - Red
Leroy Sands - Green
Paul O'Brien - Blue
Phil Hawley - Yellow
Walt Smith - Green

Kathy C. said...

Lisa -- you are correct! Maybe you should come help Jessica with her homework!