Friday, September 7, 2012

That's How it Happens

So I was showing the kids the picture of Jayden (Tyler's) on a photolisting of a shelter an hour away. I had no plans of getting another cat. But really Max has been
walking around howling since Shy disappeared. Tyler decided he actually wanted the cat.
So Jessica and I went with Tyler. The shelter worker told us they had a cat that needed to leave
right away because the cat house was so crowded and he has an inner ear problem that requires more
attention. Well, Jessica (and maybe this is hereditary) felt a need to give the cat a home. What is good about adult children is that they will be totally responsible for the cats' care.

So we welcome Jayden (Tyler's) approx 6-9 years old and Galen (Jessica's) who is at least a year. Maybe more.
They kept the names the shelter gave them.

So, Tyler and Jessica, no more comments when you see me look at  waiting children photolistings because that's just how it happens.


One Crowded House said...

how fun... and yes- that is how it happens ;)

Kathy C. said...

If only it were that easy with Haiti--I'd probably have to build an adjoining house.

Rose Anne said...

Isn't that the truth Kathy!
If it was that easy their would be atleast 6 more at my house..
Thank the Lord he knew better than i did ..

Kathy C. said...