Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lots of Stuff

Tyler's church directory photo. He goes to a different church than we do. Most of you probably know that from a few years ago if you were following the blog then.

Jeff has been doing lots of training in preparation for going overseas in November.

He's also been doing some running. He ran an 8K (4.96 miles) in 28:00 and won this trophy.

That's him in front wearing the long black track pants. He goes to D.C. to run  on the army ten-mile team in October.

Adam had a local track meet Saturday.

He ran the 5K in 18:21 or something like that.

Sometimes the JV run is an open run meaning anyone can run. My crew was hoping for that, but it wasn't. However, the coach said they could shadow the team. So they left 30 seconds after the high school/middle school boys. One of our neighbor's sons is home for a while and he ran with my guys--barefoot and in long jeans!

Here comes Kaleb at 31:16--ahead of at least 12 of the cross country team!!

Tyler was just behind him.


Here are the runners-Kaleb, Tyler, Jordan, Jasmine, Jessica

In the afternoon four of us headed to a beach. You don't normally think of racoons as being beach animals, but many have lived in the jetties since we've been coming here. They raised babies here and they wash their food in the salt water. Blah.

It was beautiful weather but some of our crew decided to stay home. Adam had things he wanted to do before the home coming dance and Ty just wanted to do nothing.

Adam waiting to be picked up for the dance. His date had his tie. The girl in the picture below is not his date, so I hope someone took pictures of him with his date.


One Crowded House said...

The raccoons come out during the day down there? Here in NC if we see one out in the day we assume it is sick or rabid.

It looks like Jeff is working hard. Maybe the strict structure is just what he needed.

Kathy C. said...

These racoons seem almost tame. People were petting them but I did not allow mine kids to pet them as they are wild animals and rabies shots would not be fun! Most of the time they are inside the jetties where it's dark. I think people equals food to them so they venture out.