Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plains Peanut Festival

On Wednesday I was boxing up left over books for my writer friend Brenda who takes them to the prison. She lives about 3 1/2-4 hours away. I realized that I had three full boxes!! I said to Rick and the kids who were home at the time, "Hey, we should deliver these in person and go to the Plains Peanut Festival." We haven't been since we lived in Valdosta when Jasmine was a toddler. Jessica agreed we should do that and looked up when the festival was. It turned out it was Saturday, but we'd have to leave Friday right after school. We had less than two days to make it all come together. But we did it. And we left Friday and made connections with my friend about an hour from her house, in a town where she has relatives she was going to visit.
Being a bit goofy. Not sure why I had that expression on my face!

This is the closest one to everyone smiling. Kayla  looks a bit tense. Maybe she was worried about the piece of pizza she's holding! Jasmine still has her school uniform on because we picked her up and got on the road.

We didn't have enough time to catch up on everything! We didn't get together until  9 p.m. (8  by our time zone but 9 there)

Due to some wrong directions and a late start, we got to Plains with less than 5 minutes before the race started! It was supposed to be 1 hour 3 minutes and Jessica made it in 43 minutes! Thankfully there is little traffic that early.

Ty was our first one in at 28:31. That was his fastest time ever.  Due to his aspergers, he has muscle  weakness and coordination issues. So he's never been that interested in running. But we pushed him into this past spring and he's doing great : ) We do not compare people because they each have individual strengths and special needs. Tyler got third in his age group.

Kaleb was in at 31:52. He got first in his age group.

Jessica was at 32:42 which is the best she's done since an injury a few years ago. She has to go to health and wellness and work on core strength to overcome it. She's been putting it off but it makes running a bit painful. She did not place because there were a lot of people in her age group and there were several just a few minutes ahead of her.

Jasmine walked a lot of it and did not place. There was a middle school track team in her age group so  even at her fastest she wouldn't have made it. I think she'll improve when she really works on it. It's not that important to her right now.

Kayla was last in with a time of 42:43. She can run a lot faster than that but didn't. 

There was some time after the race before the awards, so we took time to look around a little.

I voted for the first time in 1980, but I voted for Reagan : )

Kaleb got first place in his age group.

Tyler got third place in his age group. 

Kayla got first place in her age group, but only because there were only two girls that young and the other girl walked. But Kayla was thrilled with the trophy even though she understands she could have done better.  (And Kaleb let her know he beat her by 11 minutes!)

There was a building set up that you walked through and got regular PBJ sandwiches, grilled PBJ sandwiches, all sorts of candy bars that had peanuts or peanut butter, Combos,  and other snacks. The kids, especially the twins, loved it.

Waiting for the parade to start.

The army band from Fort Benning.

One child's loot after he ate over half of it!So that's what we did spur of the moment this weekend. 


Katie045 said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I'm impressed that all the kids run that much!

Kathy C. said...

The running seems to come naturally to the twins and Adam but the others have to work at it. It was a fun time.

Karen said...

Hey, I'm all in with that last picture! :P I used to run, long time ago, well maybe it was just kind'a running, or jogging....ummm does walking fast count?

Kathy C. said...

I even got a treat bag Karen!

Anonymous said...

You say at the top of your post that you don't compare your kids' performance, but at the bottom you point out Kayla came in last place. While she could have run faster, is it necessary to point out her lack of effort on your blog?

Kathy C. said...

I don't think that pointing out she was last and saying she can do a lot better is comparing her. It's just stating what is. Her own time last week was 7 minutes faster. I'm not saying, "When Adam was her age he was already running 25 minute 5Ks." That would be comparing. For instance, 28:00 is an excellent time for Tyler. I don't expect him to run an 18:00 minute 5K like Adam or a 15:00 5K like Jeff.

Kathy C. said...

Also note, I said, "Kayla is thrilled with her trophy even though she knows she could do better." Instead of Kayla was really lazy today but got a trophy anyway. When she came over the line the first thing she said to me was, "I was really pathetic today. I got lazy and walked." Pathetic is not a word I use so that's a playground word I think.

Middle School Mama said...

I don't think you were comparing at all. It would be obvious she was last even if you hadn't said it. It sounds like the race really din't matter that much to her so she just took her time. If there had been more girls her age so she didn't get a trophy it might have taught her a lesson about that. We can only encourage our children to do our best; we can't do it for them.

I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog so people can't hide when they want to criticize me.