Friday, September 14, 2012

Jayden & Galen

The new kitties are settling in well. Jayden is between 6 & 10 so she just likes to take life easy. Living in the cat house at the shelter with all the kittens was driving her crazy. She is the sweetest cat.

She will play for a few minutes if you absolutely insist. She's pretty small and very easy going.

Galen is between 1 & 2 and loves to play. He is good therapy for us after losing Shy, who would have been  11 on Tuesday. (He was born during the terrorist attack on 9/11)

The kids and I are off to Plains, GA tonight to run the Peanut Festival 5K tomorrow. Jimmy Carter gives out the awards. We haven't done this since 2003 or '04. I actually won a trophy for the one-mile that year. But the PT guy said yesterday not to expect my knee to be healed until the 6 mo. point which is Jan 4!!!! I'm also dropping off 3 boxes of books with a friend up there who takes them to the prison.


Sandra said...

Congrats on your new kitties, and hello from Germany! I've been reading through large parts of your blog the last few days and have grown quite fond of your family! I don't have kids of my own, so I don't have any experiences to share, but I'll definitely keep reading your blog and will leave you a comment or two once in a while :)
All the best from Sandra

Kathy C. said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have been to England, Scotland, Wales and France but not Germany.