Sunday, September 9, 2012


Yesterday Jessica and Kayla ran a 5K. Jasmine had soccer clinic at the same time but I don't have pictures.
This was one of the very interesting sights at the race. They were advertising  Dicks' restaurant. I was trying to sneak
up behind them to get a photo because I knew I'd never be able to describe these guys to the ones at home. They saw me trying to get a picture so the one posed! It was interesting that the other one had a wife and three children at the race.

The race was in memory of 9/11




They had fruit and muffins at Dick's after the race. I had to take this photo of my very sweet
and innocent child by this sign. They had free beer, and she's old enough, but it didn't even interest  her. 


Tyler took his cat out to introduce her to the yard. In a weird turn of events, Kiara snapped her cabled (they are chained when they eat and when we need the gate open), got loose and chased the cat under the shed. There is still much water around the edges from the hurricane. Boy does it stink!!

Umm, yes, he laid in the gross water you see in the other picture in  order to reach her and get her out.

After they were both cleaned up, Tyler took her back out to check out the play set since she loves  high places.  She will mostly be an indoor cat though.


megan said...

She has really interesting markings. Our cat Spice sneaks outside every once in a while and I send our dog, Meeka out to herd her back in. Meeka is very much a "mother" dog. LOL

Kathy C. said...

The shelter called her a torbi--tortoise shell/tabby. She's not a true tortoise shell.

One Crowded House said...

your kiddos are becoming quite the runners!