Saturday, June 23, 2012

TMI update

Update-I changed the template but now the pictures are so wide that they overlap the stuff on the side. Can't win : ) It seems to just be this post though. 

I wasn't going to post again until I got home Monday, but this picture needed to be posted : ) Those of you who know the twins know they can be a bit dramatic at times. You can see that the wall Kaleb's team mates are trying to help him over is only about 4 feet high at most. I think the boy in orange might be standing on a ledge.
The Mustard Seeds (4-6's plus parents) and Peanuts have their own mini obstacle course. It has the wall, tires to go through, a tiny "river" to swing over and books of the Bible blocks to put in order.
The twins are used to manipulating and pouting their way out of things they don't want to do--or they do them very unhappily. I wasn't sure if they'd show this side at camp, but I think they did to some extent, Kayla more than Kaleb. But both seem to have tried to cooperate probably due to peer pressure from team mates. They can both be very helpful and cooperative when they choose to be. I'll know more once I pick them up after commissioning tomorrow night.

Please don't think I'm being negative about the twins, I'm being honest. They spent a lot of time at the orphanage learning to pout, manipulate and throw tantrums to get their way. The nannies had 135 kids to worry about so most of the time it worked. They now need to learn that those behaviors don't get them their own way. Kayla really put her teacher through it this year and it is very much reflected in her conduct grade for the year. I'm hoping for a lot of growth this summer.

Kaleb started out the week wearing his glasses and I don't know why he's not wearing them in later pictures.

One of the first pictures. The kids have classes, Bible times and rallies each day. Kaleb is at the left end and Kayla's on the right side of the picture.
Kayla is not too thrilled about this. She needs to run and jump on the rope and swing over. She needs to jump up higher and put her feet on the knot at the bottom.
Kayla is in her "if I don't get my way I'm not going to smile and so there" mood. I hope this isn't the official team photo or she'll have to live with it. Her team made trusses.
Jessica with her team.

Jessica with her team making wordless gloves.

Adam leading the way up the net. Adam is a good team player. He works together well.
He can be social at the wrong times though: ) (Like during evening rally)

Adam helping put the books of the Bible  in order. Adam's been here several time before so he's an old pro.
Trinidad team
Yep, it's a real milkshake
It takes a lot of pizza to feed a couple thousand kids.

Tomorrow is the last day of camp for the twins. Jessica can't leave until after her last camper leaves, so I hope they are all being picked up by parents tomorrow night, not flying out Monday or we'll have to wait for her. Jessica has a camera with her, but I don't know if she had time to take any pictures.

I think that this week will have been a positive one for everyone despite the pouting. It's the twins first time to spend time away from home with children their own age. That in itself is a learning experience.

I'll be posting more about what Jasmine and I have done this week and what Rick and Tyler did at home later. There haven't been many comments lately so please leave a comment and tell me your kids' experiences with camp.


L. McCowan said...

Hi, I've been reading for a few months but haven't commented before. The photos are cut off like you said . I see only the left side of each, seems like less than half of each photo.

Felicia said...

I jinged the photos to get them to fit on my blog. I will be interested in hearing what the kids thought of camp. I bet it was nice to spend some quality time with Jasmine.