Sunday, June 3, 2012


Jasmine graduated from fifth grade Friday. She struggles with school work, but she has a great personality and attitude, and it draws the teachers to her. She is a joy. Well, most of the time. She can have some teen girl attitude at times too. But that's pretty normal.
Jasmine had a really good homeroom/language arts/social studies teacher this year. She is on the praise and worship team at one of the other Baptist churches. Kind of a funny thing--Jasmine has had two teachers she's really liked more than others--Mrs. Creel in her last public school and Mrs. Lovett this year in the charter school. We saw Mrs. Creel a few weeks ago in a restaurant. When Jasmine told her she had a teacher named Mrs. Lovett this year, it turned out that Mrs. Creel and Mrs. Lovett go to the same church AND Mrs. Lovett taught Mrs. Creel's husband when he was in sixth grade!!

Love this teacher.
Jasmine got the language arts award for her class. We were all surprised. It's our first year in the school, and we didn't know what awards they gave out. And we had a little issue with the big poetry book project, so this was unexpected.
We went to go to Cici's for pizza afterward and found out it was gone. So we went to Newks which is in the same plaza. Had two Cici's free buffet coupons though.
Ham. pineapple and tomato.
BBQ chicken.
My graduate. She's now a middle schooler!

My mother and brother sent her the same card! Our family seems to do that once in a while.

From Adam
From Aunt Lou
Chick Fil A from Jessica
Candy from Tyler
Justice from me
Burger King from Dad
Saturday morning Jasmine had basketball evaluations. She's never played before. We thought we'd try the summer program in a nearby town since we won't have to worry about homework. But we will miss about half of it being out of town.

Rick bought Chinese to celebrate the completion of my book project. Also chocolate sauce and strawberries.
Ready for church.
Outfit I gave Jasmine for graduation.

The twins and Adam are done Tuesday noon. We are leaving for Disney/Aqautica the minute the bell rings.

Adam has decided to stay home and work. I wish he'd decided that before I bought his non refundable ticket.

Once we get back, the twins and Jessica have TMI peanuts camp less than a week later. The house is a bit of a mess with keepsake bins being sorted out and this year's school work being added, Disney/Aquatica stuff being packed (we take our food and save money) and camp stuff being packed.

I think summer is going to speed by too quickly and it hasn't started yet!


One Crowded House said...

great job on the award Jasmine!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. It's great to see the ones that struggle so much get an unexpected award.