Friday, June 1, 2012

Bible Trivia Book Give Away

The book give away for this post is over, but I wanted to leave the trivia questions up for everyone to guess at.

These questions are all from the books of law and history in the Old Testament.

1. King Saul made a rash vow that no one could eat until the enemy was destroyed. Jonathan didn't know about the vow and ate what food?

2. Where did the five enemy kings hide from Joshua?

3. In the event of an accidental death, the person responsibility could go where for safety? Answered

4. What judge was left handed?

5. What woman drove a tent peg through an enemy's head?

6. What were the names of Naomi's two sons? Answered

7. What was Saul looking for when he first met Samuel?

8. How did David soothe Saul's troubled spirit? Answered

9. How many stones did David gather before he faced Saul? Answered

10. What job did Moses want Hobab to do?

11. What happened to Miriam when she critized Moses?

12. What giant was the last of the Rephaites? Answered

Everyone is welcome to guess. Please only answer one question. Some are easier than others.


Nutmeg said...

6. What were the names of Naomi's two sons?
Mahlon and Kilion

Kathy C. said...

YOu are first! Choose your book.

Rose Anne said...

9. he gathered 5

Rare Gem said...

8. David played the harp. Book request.- courageous living. Thank you

Kathy C. said...

Please e-mail name and mailing address to

Hevel Cohen said...

3. Cities of Refuge: 3 by the Jordan and 3 in Canaan.

Lisa said...

12. Og, King of Bashan.

Anonymous said...

10. A guide


Lisa said...

Let me know on FB if you don't have my mailing address. I'd love to have the "Praying Through Your Adoption" book. I have another similar one I'm about through with. :)