Saturday, June 16, 2012

TMI Peanuts Camp

Rick took the twins and Jessica to check in Thursday morning for leader training. Not sure what the leaders' kids do while they are in training.
The kids use wheelbarrows to move their things to the campsites. (If you look at last year's pictures of Jessica and Jasmine, you'll see that Jasmine had a bit of trouble moving her stuff with the wheelbarrow! Just click on the teen mission archives.) The twins and Jessica were actually in the dorms Thursday night because the tents were soaked. They will have to have them dried out by Sunday when the campers arrive.
Kaleb doesn't look too happy in some of these pictures. Really he pouts a lot, but I tend to only post the happy pictures. I probably shouldn't because everyone will think my kids are constantly smiling, and that's far from true. The twins have lots of pouting issues. And lots of happy times. As they get older we hope they'll realize it's just easier to follow the rules and go with the flow than fight it. None of us always get our way.

Especially pray for the twins this week because it will probably be hard for them because at TMI they must totally follow every rule. It doesn't matter whether you feel like working on your project or not, you do it anyway--and with a good attitude. It is hot, there are mosquitoes. It's a missionary boot camp, not a pamper camp. But it builds character, kids learn to work together and they learn that hard work has rewards. There's lots of food and lots of spirit. There are nightly rallies.
They had to get their ponchos, food trays, bowls, canteens etc before the noon meal.

Parent volunteers stay in these dorms and the preteens and teens get to move into them when they arrive home from overseas. Before that, they are all in tents.

The rest of the peanuts will be arriving Sunday morning. Then the twins and Jessica will all be on different teams but in the same area. They'll see each other at meals and rally.

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