Thursday, June 14, 2012


Summer is in full swing here.
The kids are working up to running their first 5K, except Adam who ran cross country and has run 5K's since age 5, and Jessica. She used to run them in GA but hasn't ran regularly in many years. But for Tyler, Jasmine and the twins, it's their first. We have picked one on June 30 tentatively.
Jessica and the twins are at Teen Missions camp now. It's leader training today through Saturday, and the other campers arrive on Sunday. I've already mailed my letters to them so they will get them in plenty of time. If anyone wants to, drop them a postcard from your state. You don't have to say much. They'll just appreciate getting something at mail call. Addresses are on the envelopes in the pictures. But everything needs mailed in the next few days to arrive before they leave.
They stayed at a hotel last night and checked in at camp at 10 a.m. today. I hope to have pictures of that when Rick gets back from taking them. It's a 7-8 hours drive each way.

Adam leaves for camp by bus Monday evening.

Summer is going to be busy. I have scheduled 5 sports physicals and have one more to schedule. Senior portraits are scheduled for Adam. They do them in the summer before the senior year. His are Monday before he leaves for the summer. Jasmine has her first basketball practice ever tonight. It's one sport she hasn't tried before.

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