Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Weekend

A year ago at the ECW conference, we signed up for this year. There was no way to know that Jasmine would be in surgery at the same time!! So she was on her way home with Rick as we were leaving for the conference. I knew she'd be fine with him even though I felt bad about not being there. The conference was only Friday and Saturday or we would have canceled.

We planned to stop and shop on the way and go to the beach. The shopping went okay but it was totally foggy so no beach!! Our first stop was Books a Million. I don't normally shop there but saw some books the kids can work through this summer to keep up on their school work. So I ended up with a pile of books and a membership. I'm not going to show the pile of books because there are birthday presents in the pile. I also bought a Build a Bear for a birthday several weeks down the road that I'm not going to show : ) We don't have a Build a Bear here.

At the hotel. 

We ate at Red Brick Oven. We'd never eaten there before.  Wow looking this is making me hungry! We enjoyed our pizza. I'd like another right now!

Jasmine is feeling much better from her surgery, but she has drainage tubes glued into the back of her head! This is going to be challenging. But at least she's not in nearly as much pain as she was in 2008 but maybe that's because the incision was pulling open that time. We are all glad to be through it! Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes.

Waiting for conference to start. Francesca had a concert at the end. We got out at 10:30 Me trying to cross the street at 10:45 with 2000 other women! Drive through at 10:55 The second day.

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Karen said...

Oh, sweet Jasmine. Praying for full, fast recovery! Sounds like you and Jessica are having a good time. Blessings**