Monday, April 4, 2011


Costume fitting day at the studio. This is a $95 costume plus $9.50 for tights. Oh, and after being told I had to buy the black tap boots because that was what was required for the class, it was decided that the girls all needed tan tap shoes for the recital!!! This is what I had in the first place--dug a pair out of the abandoned shoe box the first week of class and wore them from Sept to Jan when I finally bought the black ones. Well, if they still fit, at least we have the tan ones for recital.
Jasmine decided not to do dance photos this year due to her neck. It's the first year they've done class pictures. Usually it's just individuals if you want to buy them. And if you want an "ad" in the program book, you have to buy them. This year there will be class pictures in the book but no Jasmine. No Jessica either because she hates how she looks in her tumbling costume.
This is Jasmine's jazz costume.

They will be wearing black tights with the costume. Jazz is right after tap so no one had time to put the tights on for fitting.


One Crowded House said...

fancy outfits! are you able to resell them at least when you are done?

or do they go into a "dress ups" bin?

Kathy C. said...

They use all different costumes each year. They go in keepsake. They have to be cleaned specially so haven't used them for dress up.

The tap dance dress is cute enough to actually wear for something dress up, but it runs small and all the girl's dresses are tight.

It kills me to pay $80 a costume (they say it's never over $80 but Jaz's total was $175 so I'm guess the dress was $95) plus tight, shoes etc for one night a year.

Felicia said...

Whew, the extra shoes seems costly to me. I had to put a deposit in for Larissa's dance outfits but have no clue what they will look like. The deposit was $150.

What happened to the countdown for the surgery?

Kathy C. said...

As we got closer to the surgery date I realized that either through my error or a glitch it was off by half a day. She preops Wed afternoon and the surgery will be sometime Thursday.

Dance can get expensive. Team can run $4,000-$7,000 a year so I'm glad Jasmine isn't that into it.

Karen said...

She looks beautiful. Still in prayer for the surgery and trips.

Kathy C. said...

Thanks Karen