Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family portrait and more

Church directory picture. Olan Mills came to the church and shot about 30 photos of our family, boys, girls, individuals, Rick and I etc. They ranged from mediocre to bad. I was really disappointed after all the work we did in picking outfits. But this one picture was pretty good. Not perfect. I wish they'd told me to pull my shirt down so I don't look pregnant and I wish Jasmine wouldn't have been in so much pain with her neck. She's missing her true smile. But everyone is in the picture and the mood was good. That may have been the promise of the chinese buffet afterwards, of course....
The weather was beautiful this weekend so I took the three littles to the park. We stopped for soda on the way. The Mt. Dew diet Voltage is pretty good but it's part of a deal where people vote between sodas and only one stays. So the nasty purple one may get more votes and there will be no more diet voltage.

We stopped at the library on the way home. The little ones don't go very often because it's a ways away. Jessica stops every Wed night on the way to church, but I take Jasmine to church from dance. Be sure to go back a post and see her recital costumes.

Jasmine cooked supper last night and Shy was very interested in that.

He slid back off and didn't get a drummette. Even though we don't give our cats table food I offered him the bone from one after we ate and he didn't want it. Maybe his feelings were hurt!!

There's a lady at the bus stop who has a ten year old with some of the same issues you see adopted children with but he's a birth child. She's a bit different and doesn't seem to have much support other than her boyfriend. She is pregnant with a girl with spina bifida.

They are going to deliver the baby at a hospital three hours away in a week or two. The baby only weighs a pound and a half right now.

Jessica and I decided to do something for her. There were absolutely no preemie clothes at Walmart even though this winter that's about all there were. So the newborn outfit will fit the baby about August!! The little toy is so soft and silky. Maybe I should get me one!

I don't believe this lady attends any church. She doesn't have a car. I'd say she lives in a trashy area but so do we so it's no big deal. Maybe we should get her some doll clothes??

We actually received the twins original birth certificates and adoption decrees from Haiti. The social security office accepted them (which is funny because Rick had the signed letter from the translator but had forgotten the translations and they never noticed) but said they can only process one card at a time!! Maybe the court will be more favorable to us now too????

If you didn't do the favorites post, go back and leave a comment with some of your favorites. Inquiring minds wants to know. Some of us have similar favorites and others are very different.

Maybe it depends on whether you still have kids home or not. I mean, some people don't own a disney or pixar movie. Imagine.

Jasmine has pre op tomorrow and surgery on Thursday if all goes well and I desperately want it to go well. I want this behind us.

So that's our life for now!


Felicia said...

I think that your family photo looks great. Getting that many folks together is a challenge.

Your cat looks a lot like my Pooky Bear - strange.

I pray that all goes well with the surgery and this finally corrects the problem. I know it has to be frustrating for Jasmine.

One Crowded House said...

Awww- I really like that family photo!

Praying for Jasmine's surgery too. She has been through a lot!

Karen said...

Kathy, I think that's a great photo!! Jasmine is one trooper! Bless her little heart.

Renee said...

I LOVE your family pic! It's BEAUTIFUL!

What a blessing you are to the lady. How hard..

WHAT? Some people don't own a PIXAR movie? LOL..

Keep us posted on sweet Jasmine.

BethPie said...

I like the family photo! So cute! :o)