Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 1

The Easter baskets were filled and waiting on Easter morning. Of course we know it's not about baskets, but all the kids get one, even the older ones. They will get one until they move out (unless of course they are still forty and living at home or something!)

This is Kayla's second Easter home. I don't think she really remembers last Eater, but they had an egg hunt at school Friday and have been talking about Easter all week, so she had some expectations about the day. The twins got NIV Adventure Bible New Testaments in their baskets.

Ready for church.

Also ready for church.

Checking out the goodies. There was candy, but there were also pringle packs, pringle stix, pretzel stick with cheese and other things.

Jasmine was happy with her basket and new dress.

Sisters. (Big sister wasn't ready yet!)

Tyler's church had two morning services but no Sunday school so I dropped him off for the later service. The plan was for Rick and crew to swing by and pick him up after their service got out, but they forgot him! Actually, I think that no one really listened to the plan except Tyler, so he was waiting right where he was supposed to be--and waiting, and waiting. Jessica went back for him as soon as I saw he wasn't with them.

Kaleb doesn't go to church yet. He watches the Story of Jesus for Children in Creole on Sunday mornings. We need to work on better attachment and social skills before we venture out. He does random things like pull hair, pinch etc. just out of the blue at school, and I don't want a Sunday school teacher to have to deal with that. Kayla will do those behaviors too but she understands what is expected and consequences better. However, if she treats classmates mean during the weeks, she stays home on Sundays too. Not trying to use missing church as a punishment, but no little child needs to be hurt at church. And there are way too many adults who just hug the twins and tell them, "I love you" that don't even know the twins but see that they are cute and friendly.

And if you've ever had your child act mean to you and then go hug and love on a stranger, you know how that game goes.

Easter egg hunt just for the twins after church.

The kids put all the eggs in one big basket to be shared evenly in order to avoid competition. However, Kaleb presented a new problem--he was content to just stand there and let Kayla look for and gather all the eggs--until we finally said that if he didn't pick some up then she would get them all! Never had that problem before!

We even made a basket for Anthony. He's been attending church both on Sunday and Wednesdays with Jessica lately.


All the kids

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