Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trip part 1

P.S. I forgot I'd already posted about the two new Build-a-Bears so that is a repeat. The webkinz is now named "Miracle."

We stopped at the mall and got Jessica her senior bear. Build-a-bear has a really good special this month--$29.99 for only animal (they run up to $22), plus any one outfit and any pair of shoes so you can get up to $42 of stuff for the $29.99.
I bought Jessica hers for her senior year (getting a graduation bear was going to be the tradition but since they had the sale now.... We'll get the grad gown in the spring).
Jasmine used her own money to buy the Hannah Montana bear (named Crystal) and she also used my $10 reward coupon.

Adam bought Jessica a black webkinz cat for her birthday.

Jessica and Cinnamon ready for bed.

Jasmine sets up for camp. This is the annual camp for cranio facial kids. The kids aged 8 and up arrive Thurs at 10 and siblings can stay too but Jessica was too old so Adam stayed as Jasmine's sibling.

Adam gets his bunk ready.


Jasmine joins the games with her counselor.

Williams lodge where the kids stayed until the families joined them Fri afternoon.

The lake.

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that is really cute.from RACHEL