Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On Our Way

to cranio facial camp. We are at a hotel tonight. Tomorrow Jasmine and Adam check in--Jasmine as the cranio facial patient and Adam as the sibling. Then Friday at 5 p.m. Jessica and I join them for family camp.

Adam and Jasmine in the hotel pool.

This is the "senior bear" I got for Jessica. You remember that I got Ty a build-a- bear dog and grad gown last spring break and we decided to make choosing a bear or other animal with the grad gown a tradition. Well, build-a-bear has a deal right now for $29.99 you get any of the animals $22 and under, any outfit ($8-13) and any shoes ($5-8). So if you get the most expensive of each it's $42 for $29.99. Jessica got an $18 bunny, $12.50 outfit and $7.50. Anyway, the special deal is why we got it now not closer to grad. They didn't have any grad gowns right now so we'll have to get that later.
Jessica is taking her picture with her bunny with the web cam on her notebook. Mine is older and doesn't have that.

Since they had the sale, Jasmine used the money
she'd saved to get the Hannah Montana Bear. I gave her my $10 reward coupon and Jessica gave her $5 to get the music box in the paw that plays "Best of Both Worlds."
Jasmine's bear is

Jessica named her bunny

Adam bought Jessica a webkinz cat that is still unnamed.

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