Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Second Day of School

Everyone posts the first day of school so I thought I'd post the second day of school. If you read my last post about the school "uniforms" this will show you how much leeway there is within the rules for individuality. I don't consider it uniforms since there is no one brand you have to buy. More like a strict dress code as far as the colors are very limited.

Ty's in his second week of college. He would wear the same blue shirt and the black vest every single day if I'd let him but I tell him to rotate his shirts so they all get worn and if there are some he doesn't like, just give them to me to pass on to Jeff or Adam. He's not wearing his favorite shirt here but still has the vest. Can you tell he's not a morning person? He waits to get up until the first group is out the door. I'm not requiring him to get up for morning devotions this year.

If you want to leave a sweater on at school, it has to be one of the three colors. Hers are red, any shade of blue and white. It was cool this morning and broasting by afternoon. She loves her light up High School Musical shoes. She was stomping down the road home and I thought she was upset but then I realized that she was making her shoes light up. I walk her in the morning (it's .4 miles) but she walks herself home. I want her to get used to it so if we have young foster children I won't have to get them up so early to walk with us to the bus stop. Same for when the twins come home.

Jessica and Adam go to the same high school and the colors are gold/yellow, black and white but see how different they look both within the guidelines. This year they can wear any color belt and have any number of buttons on the shirt. Last year it was brown or black leather belts. Yep. They checked. Jessica got in trouble for wearing a plastic belt that came with her pants!

Also, we had trouble finding shirts with three buttons. Most of the girl's shirts have five. She got in trouble and I told her next time borrow the office scissors and cut two buttons off!!! And all the boy's shirts had only two buttons like the one Adam is wearing below. But this year we don't have to worry about it. I guess they realized you can't always find a three button shirt.

Don't they all look so nice fixed up for school?