Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrating a week and a day early

Jessica's 18th birthday is next Friday (the 14th) but we will be at craniofacial family camp. So we decided to celebrate early. First we were going to do it this coming Sunday but I wanted it to be a surprise and that would be hard because Jessica is with me on the way home from church so no chance to get a cake or anything without her knowing.

Then we were going to do it today after the kids got off work tonight but we found out that everyone was off yesterday, even Rick.

So as soon as Jessica left for marching camp at 7:30, Ty and I got busy. First I gave Jessica $10 and told her that since marching ended at 11:30 and she had to be back for band pictures at 1:30 it'd be a good idea to just grab two pizzas on the way home so we didn't have to worry about lunch. Hehe. She didn't have a clue.

Ty and I went to Walmart and got a little bear cake and cupcakes, ice cream, plates etc. but we couldn't find flowers we wanted for the price we wanted. Since when did Walmart go to $15 bouquets??

So we took everything home and set it up. Then Ty and I both had to go to the dentist for fillings. After the dentist, we went to Publix and found that they had a nice selection of flowers and got three bouquets for $10--two carnations, one roses.

We had just gotten it all set up when she got home early from marching camp!!! She said she was really surprised but it doesn't show on her face.

Jasmine bought her a notebook for school.

Tyler got her a Dr. Who bag.

18 is the big one here so we got her a Dell notebook.

No, she didn't really do it. In fact, we put it in the freezer for later because the cupcakes were enough.

My mom, brother and sister went together and got her the camera. I also got her Donita K. Pau's newest book.
I will be doing her official birthday post next Friday. I'm going to set it up to post automatically in case I don't have internet.

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