Monday, August 24, 2009

Off to School

Tyler started college last Wednesday but the others started today.

The schedule goes like this:
5:45 morning devotions, everything cleaned up from breakfast
6:05 Jessica and Adam leave for bus, 6:17 high school bus picks up, it arrives at the school at 6:30--a full hour early because they reuse the buses, school starts at 7:30
6:30 Jasmine and I walk to bus, 6:45 bus arrives, school starts at 7:25
(middle school bus comes at 8:03 but I don't have anyone in middle school this year)
7:10 Ty leaves for city bus, his classes are 9-12, M-Th, only 12 credit hours this semester

blue or beige pants, jeans, short or skirts (no extra pockets or loops)
button shirts in the school's designated three colors

Jessica & Adam- white, gold/yellow/black
Jasmine-white, red, blue (any shade accepted)

Jessica is off to her senior year.

Gotta get the first day of school look just right.

Ready to go with lunch, saxophone and work clothes because she has to catch the city bus to the mall for work immediately after school. I don't really think she has a prayer of making it in time but she thinks she does. We'll see. I think she's going to need to tell her boss she'll be there a half hour late. The load is going to get worse when she has school books. She's not carrying a backpack today.

Adam starts high school today. Not his usual "public face." I normally only post pictures of him looking cute with a big smile but that's not truly the face we get at home most of the time and this is the best I could get today.

Off to third grade!

Backpacks and supplies ready but no VPK babies to use them-sniff, sniff, sigh.


One Crowded House said...

that is an crazy morning schedule! that is early!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are getting our first taste of earlier mornings tomorrow! We will see how it goes :)

Lou said...

I think you would have been in Mr Knapp's office if you had showed up for the first day of school in the outfit Jessica is wearing. Not to mention a visit from Pastor Gelatt!!!

That is WAY too early to start life in the morning.

Christine said...

Nice pictures. Adam was probably just nervous. Hope it is a great year for the kids.

hadassahrose said...

Hope school goes great for everyone! :)

(Found your blog while hopping from one to another.)


kayder1996 said...

I'd never survive at your house! Me and eary mornings are not friends!