Monday, June 22, 2009

To my Jessi Bear

Dear Jessi Bear--
This week you are at band camp at a college hours from home and I fear this is a taste of how life will be in just 14 short months from now when college life will be a reality.

The first moments I held you in the maternity ward, I didn't think I could possibly love you more but time has proven me wrong.

Lately the walk toward adulthood has turned into a sprint and I'm not sure I can keep up, but now and always I'll be cheering from the sidelines.
I'm proud of all you are becoming. Sprint with Jesus, Jessi Bear, because He has an awesome plan for your life.

Love, Mom


God's Grace said...

That is so sweet...and boy do I understand! Terry

One Crowded House said...

aww- you made me cry.... I wish time would SLOW down!

Jason & Melanie said...

Answering your question on our blog of where we live:
We live in Prattville, AL (right outside of Montgomery), but our beach pics on the blog our taken in Destin, Fla, so that is probably why it looks so familiar to you :) How nice it must be for you to be so close to such a beautiful area! I would move there in a heartbeat if my husband was up for it! Enjoy it for us :)

P.S. Precious letter to your daughter!