Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Regular Stuff

I'm trying to keep Jasmine learning AND having fun this summer so we went to a little local museum.

We are reading from Being Your Best and are up to the first craft. We didn't get it finished.

June 21 is both Rick's birthday and Father's Day. We will also be out of town separately--Rick to take Adam to camp and pick Ty up at the airport flying in from IN and me to take Jessica to music camp--so we did Father's Day last night!

Jasmine bought Rick a shirt.

Jessica got him a mirror for his bike because he's been biking to work.

She also gave him a picture she drew/painted.

I got him a water bag for biking. I really got him a 32" flat screen TV as a combined present but got him this too.

We cooked out.

And made smores. Cheated and did them in the microwave!

Today Jasmine and I went skating with the children's group from church.


Lou said...

sound really exciting.. hope you had fun.

One Crowded House said...

love the painting- very talented!!!

Julie said...

Great painting Jessica

Katy said...

Happy Birthday to Rick! The museum and smores look fun...