Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Math Store

I mentioned a few posts back that Jasmine really struggles with math. And they do things younger and younger every year. Sometimes I think that they forget that young children are concrete, not abstract, thinkers.

This summer we are working on math facts, money and time. She is also suppose to be able to do three and four step word problems, grafting, missing number equations etc but I'm sticking to these basics.

We are working on +, -, X and division with numbers up to three right now, adding fours tomorrow. She does time test on computer each day. 100 problems and the program has a timer and grades the test. She gets 1 cent per problem correct. She also gets money for writing a story in her journal (she was suppose to be able to write a three paragraph essay at the end of second grade) and a couple of other things.

She adds up how much money she has earned and then I have her count it out of a bag of money. She has to start with quarters first, then dimes, then nickels and pennies. No counting it all out in dimes or pennies.

Once she sees how much money she has, she can pick what she wants to buy. It is all treats. Yes, I know it's a lot of sugar but we have so many little plastic toys that she's gotten as prizes, in kids' meals etc that I am constantly picking up little plastic junk. So bring on the sugar. Each treat has a price. .11 for a piece of bubble gum, .14 for a twizzler etc. She picks out what she wants, and then adds up the cost. She does not get carried away and is very reasonable in her wants so she has always had plenty of money to pay for her purchases--with correct change of course--and have some money left over. She saves that for the next day. It is only for our math store.

She bought the green twizzler for Jessica.

Jasmine had so much money left over that I bought a couple bags of skittles and priced them 63 cents to use up some of her surplus!

So far the store has been a hit and she is quickly improving in her math facts and in counting money.

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I've been working on building an online math game called DreamBox Learning. We're making the game for students in Kindergarten through Second Grade. Our focus is to make a game that kids find fun, engaging and educational. Check it out on our website and let us know what you think. Good luck on the summer math, Jasmine!

kayder1996 said...

I always did a classroom bank the last quarter of first grade, when we studied money. I like how you tied it to getting her facts right. I did mine based on behavior (random clean desk checks, getting a compliment from a teacher, not having any lost pencils, not having any negative behavior, etc.) Each kiddo got a slip of paper every day to tally their money points on. Then a helper helped them turn that into real money, practice counting it, and then spending it on books, pencils, candy, etc.. It was always one of my kids' favorite projects.