Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ready for church

Daddy made an egg/ham/hasbrown casserole for breakfast.
Pretty in a red dress handed down from friend Ari from Elkhart.
I am not happy with the results of the surgery. This is what it looks like. The scar along the hair line gets lots of open sores then scabs over. This is the same surgeon who did the beautiful repair of her cleft lip. But he didn't stitch these incisions, just glued them and now they are so noticeable. And some of the webbing is back on her neck. Her next surgery follow up is Dec 23. It's a 5 hour drive. Ugh. We have to get Jeff from Camp T. the same day so at least we can combine trips.


Stacey said...

Where is Jeff? Why did they glue her instead id stitches or stapples? I never heard of the glueing part.. She is so pretty anywho! Do you have pictures of Jas when she was a baby? Would love to see some older pic... Be well

Anonymous said...

How come you ask about Jeff each week? That's kind of rude. If you knew the family you'd know where he was. Besides she's posted his story twice on the adoption blog. I get the feeling that you are someone who knows Jeff and are just trying to get a rise since his picture isn't on this page and he's not mentioned.

You look good Jazzy girl. Hang in there!

me said...

Ok, whoever this Chad person is... why are they saying I am rude? I didn't realize asking about someone was rude. I do not know the family personally but just pop in to read the blog and see whats new with Kathy's writtings. I am offended and this will be the last time I come back on this site. Why would I get a so called "RISE" about asking about someone. Your sick.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of the family mostly of Jessica. They have been through enough with Jeff without people questioning them about it. How do you know him? He's not even mentioned.