Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures, work and play

I decided to have Christmas pictures of the kids done this year. Unfortunately only 4 of 8 kids are currently at home.

The idea for the picture started because Jasmine got selected to ride in the sleigh during the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker performance. So I had to get a dress. Then I found out that you can't take any pictures even during practice, you have to buy theirs. So I decided to do a Christmas picture which meant buying suitable clothes for the others. And a doll to wear the matching dress with Jasmine. It had to be a tall, skinny doll not a fat newborn doll or Cabbage patch. Anyone else try to find a modest junior dress lately? We finally agreed on one AND a little sweater to go over it.

We went to Walmart. I always get the 5.99 main pack and the 19.99 disk. The 19.99 disk (which used to be 9.99 then 12.99) is now 119.99. It's a CD now.One hundred and twenty dollars for a 50 cent CD with the pictures on it. Does anyone else see a problem with this?????

I ended up getting a 69.99 pack and they said I got the CD for only 49.99 extra with the pack. I decided that Rick could scan them in when we get them and that will have to do. I can see that they wouldn't want people to just buy the CD and print their own pictures rather than buying any but you'd think that since I bought a package, they could just throw it in for free.

So, no pictures to show but here are some of the kids getting ready.

Waiting to have hair done up.

Pretty princess



The girls borrowed our bathroom.

Jessica doing the finishing touches.

Adam and Tyler

Adam and Jessica are working on the second small patio. This one is for the trash cans and grill but actually the grill is too tall to put there. I was trying to get it off our little porch.

Rick fixed up all the bikes.

Ty is the only one who wanted to go to the parade so he biked down to it. The city parade is small and no bands so it doesn't amount to much but they have free hotdogs and soda in the park.

Stay tuned for the play part of pictures, work and play. Every one has some homework to do and a few jobs to finish up before we have game time this evening.


Lou said...

Your life looks so much more exciting than ours.
Mine consists of watching it rain and then turn to snow!!! My favorite weather.
$119.00 for a CD of pictures???? I wonder how many they sell. Did anyone tell them we are in a recession and most people have no money.

BIG DOG said...

ALL that work and no one wanted to ride! BUMMER!!