Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Day Follow Up

Jessica tried out for all county and didn't make it. She got nervous and messed up. She's okay about it--or will be. She got home right as I was getting ready to go pick Rick up and went for me so we only talked about 30 seconds.

Tyler went and got measured and turned in his announcement order. It was really a waste because all we did was check that Ty's name was spelled right for his diploma, stand him up against a tape measure hanging on the wall and write it down, hand a guy the form and leave.

Checking the spelling of his name


Jasmine went with us and missed gymnastics so we'll have to make that up. Whew. Done for the day.


BIG DOG said...

I can't call him "shorty" anymore!

He's 2 inches taller!

Anonymous said...

He's taller than me.