Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not an Exciting Day

Not a very exciting Saturday. We had soccer this morning. The only game Jessica reffed was Jasmine's game. We had one dad whose little girl isn't really into soccer. She just goes out and has fun and doesn't really go for the ball. Her dad was running up and down the lines yelling at her and complaining about the coach, team mom and anyone else he thought of. It's U8 soccer so all the kids are 6-7. We have one 5 year old playing up who is built like a tank. It is a bit competitive but most the parents just try to yell encouragement.

We do a chapter of Purpose Driven Life on Saturdays. Combining it with a fun food treat or cooking out at the park makes it something the kids look forward to.

Time to get rid of clutter, McDonald's kids' meals plastic toys, cut and paste SS projects and so on. The kids are having a Christmas party here so things have to be decluttered and straightened.

Too much ends up in the closet.

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.
Tyler cleaning out. He hates to get rid of anything.


Christine said...

Looks yummy!

Lou said...

Looks something like our house. I have been trying to declutter since retiring but not making a lot of progress.