Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer is Winding Down

The twins are home from camp. 

Here are a few photos.

Although we together packed at least 12 nice shirts, I've noticed she is wearing a man's white T shirt in many pictures.

Kaleb across the fire crouching

Kayla in red helmet. There are no bike pictures of Kaleb

Jasmine took part in several library events for teens including a Star Wars vs Star Trek day in which she actually made the news, Harry Potter Day for the whole family, and the teen talent show.

I had Jasmine take a picture of me sticking my tongue out which I sent to Rick, only I hit a wrong number so some poor person had a nasty surprise. LOL. I was trying to look crazed like Sirius Black.

We've been busy moving our shop, and it is pretty trashed right now, but we celebrated Ty's birthday there.

I bought about $30 of taco bell because I'd expected Hunter, Adam, Tara, and Cici and none of them came.


The babies are getting big!

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