Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rest of Trip

I posted about being at my mom's house in northern Indiana and that the used transmission I'd just gotten had started to leak. I drove to Montgomery, Alabama where we attended the Karen Kingsbury's Love Tour event. Jasmine had such a rough school year that I splurged and got the VIP tickets. We got to see the inside of the tour bus they rented and get pictures with Karen before the event. The "reception" the church provided was packaged cookies and bottles of water on a tray on the tour bus. LOL. I was expecting a little more of a sit down and have some dinky sandwiches and a Q&A  with Karen. I guess each church planned what they'd have. This church went with the minimum. Still, it was a nice program. We have a long history with Karen, her mom, daughter and oldest son. This time we met two of her adopted sons.

Karen with Tyler and Haitian born son Sean.

Jasmine thought it was cool that Sean plays drums too. Although Jasmine has opted not to be in band this year due to the amount of time it takes up which makes it hard for her to do homework.

We stayed over night in Montgomery, and the next morning I saw transmission fluid under the car. Like a puddle of it. So I found an oil change place. They checked and it was down two quarts. They didn't see where it was leaking from. Car died hours later only 26 miles from home. I ended up getting a new axle. What will they decide needs replaced next? Rick rescued us, and the car was towed. But we arrived home safely.

A lot has happened since then, and we've kept you updated on the adoption part of it. But there's other news to share, and I'll do that soon.

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Galina Reed said...

Karen Kingsbury is my absolute favorite author! I wish I could meet her one day. Gosh, you are so lucky!