Friday, July 7, 2017

After North Carolina

After North Carolina, we all went different ways.

Felicia's group left first.
Our husbands


Felicia and crew and friends ready to roll.

Ty, Adam and Tara left next. They left around 8:00 p.m. Sunday night and drove through the night. They made great time since there wasn't that much traffic at that time.
Saying Goodbye

Rick and the twins left for camp on Monday morning and drove from NC to Merritt Island, FL. I would love to say that I think these weeks at Mission Camp will make a difference, but as I look at the photos Rick took I see that she is NOT wearing her work boots, she is wearing my Rue 21 boots that look like work boots but aren't. We talked about her maybe getting those for later but that they weren't work boots. Yet there she is with them. Also with another siblings' clothes etc. The twins also ate Rick's work food and snacks from the van in addition to their own. He even stopped and grilled sausages for them on the trip down! Kayla also lied about having her court homework done, so I do not know what will happen at this point. Prayers for changed hearts appreciated.

In the meantime, Jasmine and I drove to Indiana. We went to Clifty Falls State  Park for just a couple of hours. The falls weren't very important this time of year.

Then the next day we drove on to Elkhart, near South Bend on the IN/MI border to visit my mom and sister.
With my mom and sister. We come in XS, L and XL sizes!

Jasmine's first elephant ear. At the Jazz festival.

With two high school friends.
From there Jasmine and I went on to book convention. In the meantime, the used transmission I'd just gotten before NC began to leak. More to come.

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