Monday, July 10, 2017

Adoption Progress

Or lack thereof. A little of both. I have heard that we are home study approved. I am trying to find out if that is true. In the meantime I assumed it was true and called the adoption line to get the caseworker info for the following kids. The information I really needed is where they are at. Since there will be several visits before the child will be placed in our home, I set the line at a 5-6 hour drive. It's getting late so I will post next time about which four turned out to be within the six hour drive limit. It was a bit heart breaking, and our favorite (Justin if you remember when I talked about the teens many posts back) was placed in a home several weeks ago, so he's not listed below.

Hard to choose and hoping God will open and close doors to get the right young man home to us. Many of these may not want to leave their county, so we will see what happens.

Curious, which child would you pick for yourself and which child would you pick for us?

Age: 15

Christian is a polite, reserved, intelligent young man. His hobbies include video games and playing basketball. His favorite subject is math and hopes to become an Architect. Christian's favorite foods are pizza and chocolate but won't turn down any food offered to him.

Age: 15
Matthew is a very personable and polite young man. He describes himself as "introverted, respectful, athletic and having good morals." He is hopeful that he will be placed in a family that is religious with similar morals as his. Matthew listens well, and accepts verbal redirection if given. Matthew is intelligent and smart; and is really motivated to learn. Matthew is doing very well academically and makes good grades. He hopes to attend college to major in either Criminology or History. Matthew does well in social settings; but appears shy and guarded. He enjoys sports; especially football and loves to read. He also wants a dad who likes sports (football) and who will be there for his family. He wants a mom that is kind hearted, caring and loving. Matthew really needs stability and a family to call his own. He needs parents who will be patient, provide guidance and encouragement, willing to motivate Matthew to be the best he can be! Matthew would make a great addition to any family. Are you the right family for this friendly and lovable child? If so, he is waiting for your call!

Age: 13
Douglas is a Hispanic male with a beautiful personality. He is a happy teenager who enjoys outside activities. Douglas is very active and outgoing. He likes outdoor sports, bike riding and skating. He likes to play basketball and soccer. Douglas likes video games and watching movies. His favorite T.V. shows includes Digemon and W.W.E. Douglas has the ability to be a leader. He loves to be active.

Age: 15
Jordan is a Caucasian male and he is 15 years old. Jordan is a charming young man with a lot to offer to a family. He loves playing games on the computer, and actually wants to design video games when he gets older. In addition, he loves swimming, and various water activities. There is never a dull moment with Jordan. Jordan is a laid back young man who enjoys relaxing and watching television. Jordan is quite intelligent and can ace a test with very little studying. Although Jordan is intelligent, he needs a family that will push him with his academics and make sure he does his school work and projects. Jordan is excited to have a forever family in his life.

Age: 13
Parris is a talkative and social young man. He is physically active and enjoys yoga and tumbling. He says that he is pretty good at a back handspring. Parris's favorite color is blue and he loves to eat Mexican food. Parris also mentioned that he enjoys attending church. Parris is open to being adopted and wants to be a part of a forever family. He would do best in a family who can provide the love, support, and structure that he needs. A family that can help Parris get involved in dance, gym, and gymnastics and help him grow in those areas. Parris wants a mom and a dad and is open to siblings.

Age: 13
Tommie is an active, inquisitive kid who loves family and having fun. He's a diligent student who strives for good grades and he especially enjoys reading. Tommie likes sports of all kinds but is particularly good at football and dodgeball. He's a natural leader and would make a great coach or mentor one day. Family is important to him and he is eager to become part of one!

Age: 15
Jamal is an attractive African-American male of Haitian descent. Jamal loves any activity that is outdoors. Jamal is seen as a leader among his peers and is very outgoing. Jamal is an animal lover, he especially loves dogs. He excels in school and is very intelligent. Jamal will need the encouragement and support of a forever family that values education.

Age: 15
Antwan is an outgoing teen who describes himself as smart and intelligent but with a playful side. He enjoys making people happy either by making them laugh or cooking them a meal. He is very active and is hoping to join the track team at his school this coming year. Antwan also has a creative side which he exhibits in drama and performing R&B and gospel music. Antwan is looking for a fun and accepting family that will be there for him throughout his life. Antwan has the potential to accomplish so many great things and just needs the love and support of a committed adoptive family. He would be a joyful addition to any family!

Antonio is a tall male, who often hides his smile when he is shy. He is quiet and polite. He enjoys wrestling, playing football, and hanging out with his friends to play video games. Antonio is very active and would love a family that enjoys the outdoors. Antonio has a lot of energy and a lot of love to share.

Jayden is a very quiet teenager who enjoys hanging out with his friends and riding his bike. He has big dreams for the future and needs a family who will be supportive of his goals and help him work toward them. He is struggling a little in school but mostly from a lack of motivation. Jayden would do well with a family that can provide him with a strong male role model as that has been lacking from his life. If he sounds like a good match for your family, call today.


Sarah said...

I think either Parris or Antwan would fit perfectly in your family!

Anonymous said...

I think Christian would be a great fit for your family.