Friday, June 2, 2017

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Good, bad and ugly. Kind of describes life around here right now. 

Good-- River went to her first pageant. It was in Orlando. She did well except for the event scheduled during her nap time!

Winter is doing well but has a medical issues that needs immediate care so is being referred to a specialist three hours away.
 The pageant was in Orlando, so they went to M&M world

I won a free dive and paid to take Tyler and Jessica with me. None of us have dove for over two years. We had a classroom session, testing in the pool and then out into the open water. I forgot my Sealife Camera, but the instructor took a video I should get in a few days.

Papa Rick watched the girls all day.
Today was the last day of school, and Jasmine left for her choir tour immediately following release. The bad is that the bus broke down just a couple of hours later, and they are still waiting for a new bus!
So that's most of the good. The bad is that a certain nameless child didn't believe her brother would turn her in for theft if she stole from him again. She did. He did. She lied to the police officer and said twin had taken the money and given it to her. She knows that even if that was true, it's still wrong to accept stolen money. But it wasn't true. She had also left campus to go to FOUR stores to spend the money. She had lied to us about having to go early for a before school band practice. And it was actually Tyler driving back that way after dropping the other two that saw her walking down the street loaded down with bags. 

The ugly is that the very next day even after filling out police forms and getting detention for leaving campus, she hit a boy square in the face and got out of school detention! We have a hearing Monday. I do not know what is going to happen about our family vacation or her mission camp.

I don't know what I am hoping happens. Obviously the thought of it has not slowed her down any. We are just trying to stay consistent and handle things calmly as they come. Hopefully in the long run this will be a learning experience.

The twins did not attend school the last day and a half. So summer is off to a weak start. We did make sure to have a family time last night and tonight despite all that is going on.

I will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Has it seriously been 2 years since you did any diving? I know you use to blog about it. River looks so adorable it that pretty dress. Oh no Jessica are you a "Pageant" mom? ;) Winter so cute. Praying she will be well soon and so sorry about the issues you have been dealing with. Praying for your family.

God bless


Kathy Cassel said...

We had two failed dives. they were horrible. Dive partner was seasick before we ever started. It was a good refresher for the three of us.