Sunday, June 25, 2017

More Family Photos

Here are the photos we took that include Adam and Tara. Which are your favorites?


Anonymous said...

The photo of Adam and Jasmine together is frame-worthy for sure! I love the photo of your twins together as well (third from the bottom).

I'm the anon who introduced myself in the comments of a recent post. I decided commenting anonymously might get confusing, so from now on I'll be MP in ND (not Grand Forks, thankfully)

Anonymous said...

I liked the fourth one down best.

Is Kayla ever jealous of Jasmine?

Kathy Cassel said...

Anon #2
Oh yes. She is indignant she doesn't have the same privileges despite age and behavior. Jasmine never asks for many privileges like hanging out at the mall or dating or anything though. But she is 16 so now has a phone. Twins had use of just a tracfone and terribly violated that privilege. Jasmine carried a tracfone previous to 16th bd. And since they both have left the school property against rules many times to spend stolen money, they have to be very closely supervised. They can also be very hateful and steal from the older kids so the older kids did not take them out for their birthday like each did for Jasmine. I stay out of that because they are not required to do anything for younger sibling's birthdays. The twins are also at a 5 week camp that cost $4,200 total and no one has had that much spent on them. But the jealous has come up in counseling and I have pointed out that even when I take Kayla like to McDonalds after counseling or out to buy something, she doesn't talk to me. Just broods and that's not much fun.