Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What's Up?

Well, Jasmine is up! Way, way up north about 40 miles south of the Canadian border. They left Friday afternoon and only made it a couple of hours before the bus broke down. They were supposed to arrive in KY at their hotel about 9 p.m. but arrived at 5:30 a.m. and slept for a bit. They went on to Holland MI where they sang at Benjamin's Hope. Monday they were at Mackinac Island and today are at a camp.
Biking on Mackinac Island

On the ferry to the Island
Sunday was parent/child dedication at church, and Winter was dedicated. Hunter wasn't there, so Jessica went up with River (siblings usually go up too) and Winter, one in each arm. She was last, so Pastor took Winter and held her during closing prayer. Then he invited everyone to stay for the reception and said, "I'm taking this one with me, but I'll give her back." That was really nice of him. And Winter was a total angel. She had woken up,but she just looked up at him perfectly calm.  

 Praying for all the parents and babies

 River is thinking, "That man has my sissy."
 I love this picture of Pastor walking down the steps with Winter. It's like the verse where Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me..."
 The twins were there, but they were more interested in the food tables than pictures.

Yesterday Kayla and I went to inprocess for Teen Court. I think it will be a very good thing for her. She has a whole notebook of homework to do. She has to go to a life skills class that I will also attend with her. She has to appear in a court with a teen jury who will determine her community service hours and other things, she has to have an evaluation and she has to do both public apologies in court and written apologies. She will have a jail tour and has the option to go to the ME office. No dead bodies, but it is required if there are any drugs involved, which there is not so she does not have to do this step.

The good thing is that the lady will allow her to go on our short vacation and on to mission camp for five weeks, and that will count as 8 community service hours. Then she'll start her court things. Unfortunately both she and Kaleb are several hundred dollars short for camp.

Another good thing is that when I told the lady we had a completed homestudy to adopt a teen boy she didn't tell us we were crazy, ask why we'd want another one when we were going through this with one etc but said that we are doing a good thing giving another child a chance and dealing with the issues with the ones we have.

We have not yet gotten the final copy of the home study so have not inquired about any specific boys. I am afraid that most of them will not want to leave their counties, schools, and friends to start over in a new place though. We will see what happens.

Jasmine's tour finishes Sunday with a concert at our home church, although we are not the church that sponsors the choir. The kids are from many churches. Tuesday three of us pack up and leave for NC with the other three following on Friday. From there, Jasmine and I will go on to Elkhart, IN, Cincinnati, OH and Montgomery, AL and home. The others will drop the twins at camp at Merritt Island and then head home. I will be gone June 13 to July 1. 

I am going to be a mess because my hair is in serious need of a cut and perm but the lady who does it is out because of foot surgery. Her niece was going to do it but then had some weird stuff happen with stroke like symptoms and is now out too. I'm going to go for the scraggily look rather than have someone I don't know do it. I have quirky hair and am seriously afraid I'd greatly regret letting someone else do it.

What's up with you guys?


junglemama said...

Sorry to hear about things with Kayla, bu but congrats on Winter being dedicated.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Kayla. Wow that is a lot. We have rain here this week in the PNW. My military daughter was home for 10 days last month. She is active duty now. We went to the coast which was great. ( A Mothers day, birthday gift) from her. My oldest got a puppy. Great Dane. He is more then a handful. ;) his training classes start Sunday. He is 4 months old and comes to play at my house when she works. My military daughters dog lives here because she cant have him in the barracks. He is Lab/blueheeler. And my granddaughter is just finishing Kindergarten. They grow to fast. I need more grandkids. :) Well hope your twins can make it into camp and it goes great for them.

God bless


Kathy Cassel said...

Thanks. Headed to Bryson NC and see that it is supposed to have thunderstorms all week!