Monday, May 15, 2017


Late Sunday afternoon a few of us went to the bay to celebrate Mother's Day and the twin's birthday (a day early). To be honest I wasn't really in a celebrating mood. The situation with morning church and other continuous behaviors has somewhat robbed me of the desire to go all out. So it was low key. We took the jet ski out for the first time this season.

Tyler had to work, Jessica wasn't up to it and the other family that usually joins us had other commitments.

I was hoping we'd have a 9th child by now, but the whole process is going very slowly. Our caseworker is moving soon, so I hope he finishes our home study before he goes. When we finished classes before Thanksgiving and they said it would be at least March before we were certified, I thought surely they were mistaken. They weren't.

With the issues with the twins, we have to be careful not to get a child with the same issues or too close in age. That takes out one of our top choices. Our first choice just went off the list, so he must have gotten a home. That's good news for him, but we had really wanted to find out more about him. He looked like a good match.

Hopefully we will have good news to share soon about the home study.

The twins on their birthday:

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