Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Two Beautiful Girls

Today I spent most of the day with River. Then I helped Jasmine get ready for the homecoming dance.

Jessica thought she had a dental appointment today, so River went on the morning school run with me. Jessica's appointment turned out to be next week, so we met at McDonald's for breakfast.

Then we went to the library for book babies.

And we read some books. A couple of weeks ago, Jessica commented that she felt like a failure because she didn't do all the stuff with River that she should. One thing she mentioned was that she didn't even read her one book a day. Today the book babies lady was really pushing the moms to commit to reading one book a day--seven by the next book babies. It seems simple to me, but maybe it's not for everyone. I know the librarian is trying to instill a love of reading in the little ones, but she instilling guilt in some mommies without knowing it. I'm working with Jess on how she can set a routine of reading--Bible story before bed, morning book time etc.

We checked out some books with noises, and read some to River while we were still at the library. Then we went to the mall to use some coupons. Jessica started working at Old Navy and needed different clothes than she has for being a server.

We played at the house until Jess left for work, then we played some more.

We helped Jasmine get ready for the dance. 

Which photo is your favorite?


schnitzelbank said...

I'm a literacy specialist. Please tell Jess that even if River is handling and eating books at this stage, it is a good thing. As she gets older, watching mommy do reading and writing (like making a grocery list and reading it at the store) is building literacy. Librarian is a wound a little too tightly, I think.

Jasmine looks beautiful! I like the pictures with her standing the best-- more natural. I hope she had fun at the dance!

Kathy Cassel said...

She does enjoying chewing on the board books :)