Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Horrible, Amazing Weekend

It was both!

It started out routine. Jasmine had to march at a football game and got in really late Friday night. Rick worked concessions.

While she was gone, the twins practiced trombone.

And made sweet potato pie.

They split this smaller one.

The next morning, Jayden wasn't at the door waiting to get in like she always is. Here is a picture I took of her earlier in the week. We knew something was wrong when she didn't show up.

On Saturday Jasmine had to be back to the school for band pictures. They were at 10, but the director wanted them in place at 9:00! I dropped her off, then met Jessica and River at IHOP.
We had coupons that needed used, and Jessica had one for a free kids' meal, so River got that. She didn't eat it all!

 We went to the mall, and then I went to the library until Jasmine called at 1:15 that she was finally done! We went back to the mall to meet a lady who was going to sell us some clothes for $1 each!Pictures later!

We got home, and Jessica called that she had to be to work, but Hunter wasn't home because of a tire issue. So she brought River over. River stays with me some afternoons because she leaves two hours before Hunter gets home.

Then first thing this morning, Kayla came out to say that Sadie fell off of her bed, and she wouldn't walk on one leg. Of course this happens on a Sunday.

They left for church, and I decided to see if Ty could help me take Sadie kennel and all to a vet that was open on Sunday. He goes to a different church that has an early service. When I called him and asked him where he was, he said, "I just had a wreck." Not the words any mother wants to hear. So I went to get him.

He just paid $725 three days ago for a tune up and fuel pump! And $400 a few weeks ago for something else!! 

He only has liability, so we will have to see what the repair costs are. The tow truck driver was VERY rude to both of us because he couldn't accept a credit card on a Sunday!!! 

We came up with $91 of the $97.75 in cash due to Ty still having part of his paycheck with him. The guy was going to tow the car away (from where we had him tow it) and hold it at his lot until we paid the rest--and the additional $200 that would have called. He was so rude, I actually screamed in his face. We went through both vehicles for loose bills and change and were still .50 short and I pretty much told him that would be very anal to impound the van for .50!!

Meanwhile, Rick ran in to Adam and Tera and Tera's niece, Sierra, at church and ask them over for lunch. So we did a quick pizza run because I hadn't started lunch due to how much time it took waiting for the tow truck and the anal driver. (I offered to mail him the $6.75 and he said he didn't know me so couldn't trust me, but I'm suppose to let him tow Ty's van off to somewhere on the far side of town?)

I found out that a former foster child of ours was at the beach 45 minutes away, so we quickly made plans to meet up. Unfortunately, he told us the wrong location. He was at a pier, but not the one he said. So we waited a while, and then Jessica, who works near there, figured out what had happened. We quickly drove to the other pier 15 minutes away--and closer to home!

Jessica talking to Dwight's girl friend.

It was cool to hear that Dwight has the photo album we made for him even though he was only with us 42 days due to him having to go to a group home because his previous foster home lied about some behaviors. He came to us as an emergency "just for the weekend child." (Stop laughing Felicia!!) We would have kept him, but due to the accusations, he had to go to a different type placement. 
 After they left, Jasmine and I stayed and took some photos.

While we were still there, Rick texted to say that they'd spotted Jayden making her way home injured. Her eye is a mess!!! So it looks like we may have a double--or triple--vet visit tomorrow. Travis is having respiratory issues and is not responding to the meds. I'm kind of hoping Sadie will be okay in the morning, that she just banged up the leg and it's not broken or anything.
Poor Jayden! Ty had to run a really big, mean cat out of our yard a couple of night ago, and I think that same cat did this. Jayden may have to stay in at night.

So that was our weekend! Good and bad. Bad for pets, Hunter's tire and Ty's van, good for connecting with people.


Emily said...

Ugh!!! It just makes me cringe. I'm glad for the connecting with people part, but the rest of it? No thanks! I hope all the pets are okay. So hard to see your fur babies hurting.

kayder1996 said...

Oh mercy! The tow truck driver though! Goodness! I haven't had to have a vehicle towed in a long time but that sounds crazy! We have two family friends who own body shops and drive tow trucks as part of their jobs and both of them are the type of people who should have those jobs. (I actually said that to Derek one time that both Dan and Bob are the type of people who you would be glad to see if ever you needed a tow truck.)

Kathy Cassel said...

It still burns me when I think about the truck driver!!! But since he had the van hooked up and had the keys ... AUGH

Emily, you are so right.