Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Fun Saturday!

We had a fun day planned for Saturday. 

But then my car's cooling fan went out, my radiator went dry and I got stranded downtown. I had Jasmine and River with me, so thankfully I was able to get the car safely off the road. 

Jessica came and rescued me. (She was getting ready for work, which is why I had River). The car had to be towed. Rick's van is having problems and Ty has only driven his around town, so we weren't sure how it would do going clear to Tallahassee. 

So we were debating whether or not to try and go. Adam and Tara had planned to go too, so we didn't really want to cancel. We had decided to try and take Ty's van when Adam messaged and said I could drive his car, and he and Tara would take hers. So game on.

We left early to go to Wakulla Springs just south of Tallahassee. I hadn't planned on staying there really long because Tara had to work at 4:00, and I didn't know if they would really like the springs or not. I thought people might just do the 22 foot jump twice and want to leave. I was wrong. They could have stayed there all day!

 In the summer, there is a very long wait to jump, but there were only a few other people there yesterday.

Kayla's 22 foot jump. This is a spring, so the water is 78F year round.

Tyler's 22 foot jump.

The girls making the 10 foot jump. Tara was stalling on the 22 foot jump. 

Tara on the 22 foot jump.

Adam on the 22 foot jump

We were supposed to be at Sky Zone at 12:30. It's a half hour from the springs, but at 12:25 we were taking this picture. Obviously we didn't make our show time. Our jump time was 1:00. We got there at 12:57. But it took so long to check in that it was 1:13 when they got us checked in. They said we could have a 1:15 jump time. I was afraid we were going to miss it!
 There was an open jump area
 and a foam pit

 and dodge ball

There was also a basketball area that I don't have pictures of.

We'd only signed up for 30 minutes, and that went too fast. From there we went to Chuck E Cheese less than 10 minutes away.

Tara didn't want to leave, but she had to work. She left very reluctantly. We left shortly after she and Adam left. It was a really great day, and the ones that didn't go want to go soon. But there is too much going on to go again soon.

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