Monday, September 5, 2016

Hurricane Weekend

On Wednesday evening it looked like Hurricane Hermine was heading our way, so they canceled school for Thursday and Friday. 

On Thursday night, we were right in the path, and everyone was preparing in case we got hit. But then the storm shifted east and thankfully while some cities had damage, it wasn't devastating as some past ones had been.

I would have loved to go out of town for the five day weekend, but hurricane or not, the high school football game had to go on!! That meant Jasmine had to be here to play in the band.

So we did a lot of hanging around Thursday and Friday. We all helped Kayla get started on her trombone. Kaleb started in April. I played saxophone from 9th grade through my first year of college. I got out our spare saxophone (Jessica played from 6th on and still plays in church orchestra and Adam played in middle school). 

We also got out the guitar and ukulele and sang and played. 

Adam came over to see River, and we had pizza.

Her hair isn't red, but my Nikon lens is broken. I'm shooting with an old fixed lens Kodak, and the colors are always a bit off.

We started a puzzle and caught up on homework.

We were supposed to go to the bay and take the jet ski and kayaks out Saturday, but rain was forecasted and none of the bigger kids wanted to go. So the twins, Jasmine and I headed north to Ponce de Leon springs state park. They were supposed to get a thunderstorm at 1:00, so we figured we could get in two hours of fun before that.

We stopped and got Subway on the way. We do it in pairs, so each pair has to agree on the sandwich, although they can have their own toppings. We took a 2 liter, cookies and chips with us.

It didn't rain. In fact it was sunny and beautiful out. We ended up staying until late afternoon.

Jasmine and Kaleb have been there twice before, but this was Kayla's first time.

All three decided to jump together. The jump is on video though.

On Sunday we were going to cook out breakfast on the beach and do devotions there. But it poured. Really, really poured. All day. So we cooked at home, watched the movie "Risen" and later watched "Miracles from Heaven." We were going to get out some board games, but totally forgot.

There was rain forecast for all day today (Labor Day), so I was thinking we'd end up cancelling our jet skiing at the bay again, but it was beautiful all day! So much for weather forecasts. Adam had already made other plans, so he wasn't with us.

Jessica, Hunter and River came for a little while, but left at River's nap time.

Jasmine and Kayla

Kaleb and Kayla

Our neighbor with River.

Hunter and River

Papa Rick and River


Jessica and River

Tyler and our neighbor. Josiah is having a tough time of it because he is the youngest of 5 and they have left one by one. The next older one left for college two weeks ago, so he's the only one at home now. He looks up to Ty and they share interests in Magic and Pokemon cards and Wii games. Ty doesn't play the shoot em up kind.

Tyler, Kayla, Kaleb and Josiah all went out on the knee board. It is new to them.
We had several dophins join us in the water. I have videos, but have to get them downloaded.

So our hurricane weekend turned out pretty well!

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