Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jasmine's Surgery

We have been through a lot of surgeries together--cleft lip, cleft palate, club foot, finger surgery, second cleft palate repair, skull repair, two neck repairs, bone graft etc.

Hopefully we just completed our last set of surgeries--lip and nose revisions.

Making the most of her last meal the night before surgery.

Preparing for surgery

The surgery turned out to be longer and more complicated than planned due to a lot of scar tissue in her nose.

I had expected her to be discharged early afternoon and drive all the way home Tuesday, but Jasmine was discharged until after 6 p.m. We only drove about an hour toward home. We drove the rest of the way home Wednesday.

Today is Jasmine's 12th adoption anniversary. Tara came over to help us celebrate.

Jasmine is supposed to be at percussion camp all day Saturday and every day next week, but she is limited to very light exercise and not carrying anything over 10 pounds. So we'll have to work something out for her.


Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better Jasmine and your surgery went great.


Kathy Cassel said...

She's still very swollen and it looks lopsided to me, but I'm hoping that's just the swelling.

Cindy Dy said...

So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.