Monday, July 11, 2016

It's All About the Journey

Or at least that's my view of travel. I am not the person who pushes through non stop to see how fast I can get somewhere. I'd rather discover new places along the way. Build new memories.

So Jasmine and I stopped to visit Wakulla Springs on our way to Gainesville for her pre op and surgery.

One of the reasons we went is because I wanted to see if I could make myself jump from the 22 foot platform into the 69F water in the springs. Right past the buoy, the water depth drops to 120 feet deep!

Jasmine missed capturing the jump. There's a video on my phone, but I haven't downloaded it to my laptop yet. I am the purple blob on the upper level.

I jumped twice from the 22 foot platform, and once from this lower platform.

Jasmine swam out and jumped off of this.

Then we took the boat ride and saw lots of alligators, white Ibis, blue crane, wood ducks and other things.

We came around the bend just in time to see these two guys dive backward off the top level.

The tour ended with a manatee in our docking area.


Anonymous said...

Next up bungee jumping ;) ..... Praying Jasmines surgery goes well.

God bless


Kathy Cassel said...

I've learned to scuba dive for one of my characters and I'm considering motorcycle class for one, but I've said if one of my characters turns out to be a sky diver, she is on her own!

Anonymous said...

sky diving I have always wanted to do and still haven't yet.