Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Project

Lowes did this as a Mother's Day  project on the Thursday night before Mother's Day, but I had my kids make it for their teachers for teacher appreciation week. Since Jasmine is in high school, she made hers for her voice teacher.

The project had a very small yellow container for a flower, but the ones they let them choose from were way too big to fit in the yellow container.

See how much bigger the plant is than the yellow container? I had them just take it separately. The teachers can always use the yellow container for paperclips or something.

Kaleb taking his to school. Kayla ended up staying home that day because she threw up.
Jessica, Jasmine and I have gone to two Home Depot women's DIY projects, but since there has been such a big turn out, they are going to start charging for them now. So I guess our project days with them are over.

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