Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sailboat Challenge

At Kayla's school, the 5th graders have a sailboat challenge. They have to build a boat that floats while holding ten marbles. They test it in a kiddie pool and get point by how well it floats across.

Ty helped her decide on materials.

He coached her, but she had to do it all herself.

Trial run at home. Sadie was helpful.

The boat got an 85% the first time because it started filling with water. She was allowed to fix it, so she hot glued all the leaky areas. She also added a rudder made of two little wooden ice cream spoons (like come with the little ice cream cups) and tapes on with electrical tape hurriedly the day it was due.

The boat got a 98% on the second try. She still has to finish her log book and make her backboard. The backboard has to be made at school to make sure the kids do it themselves.

School is out for two of my kids June 1 and Kayla on June 2. There is a lot coming up between now and then.

How about you?

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