Friday, May 6, 2016

Night Photos

I did three evenings of "night" photography. The first evening we stayed at the college. The second evening we went to a park. The third evening we took photos on the rooftop of one of the college buildings painting with light. Then I tried the painting with light at home.

We used tripods so we could use a long enough exposure time for things to show.

The sun was setting as we went out.
This picture and the next were taken just moments apart but at different exposures.

These were taken in the dark by painting the flowers with a flashlight.

At home, we experimented with how long to hold the shutter open. I had too much light on this one.

I like this one better.

Jasmine took these drum pictures
 This has too much light
This is better. I think I like the first one best.

I think painting with light was my favorite part of night photography. Overall, night photography isn't my thing. I wish I could take the portrait class, but it's while I'm out of town this summer.


Ken S. said...

I particularly like the pictures of the light reflected on the water. I like better the exposure level of the first one, but the longer vertical stretch of the second one.

Kathy Cassel said...

I took about ten shots, so I have several exposures both ways, but only posted two. I was messing with it because the longer you leave the shutter open, the more it makes the water smooth, but of course it's also lighter. So I was trying to shut it down to have as little light as possible and hold it open longer while still keeping it fairly dark.